Introducing Plugin v2.0: Our Next-Generation of Minecraft Analytics

Charlie Joseph
Charlie Joseph
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Say hello to Analyse v2.0! We've been tirelessly working to level up your Minecraft analytics experience, and we're ecstatic to unveil Analyse v2.0 - the groundbreaking future of Minecraft analytics. And here's the best part: Analyse is completely free to use, delivering unparalleled value without any cost!

So you asked, and we listened. We've incorporated your feedback to create an action-packed feature set that includes better visibility into your revenue. Now, with Analyse v2.0, you can effortlessly monitor and analyse your revenue across different server lists, giving you invaluable insights into the performance of each server list. Best of all, we are the only official integration with Tebex, so you can rest assured that your data is safe and secure.

But that's not all, we have more exciting features in store:

You can get started today by downloading our v2.0 plugin, which will automatically convert your v1 config to v2.0. Let's take a closer look!

Dashboard Makeover

We admit it—the old Analyse dashboard was cluttered. The sidebar hogged too much space, making graphs look cramped and difficult to decipher. So, we've moved the sidebar to the top, streamlining navigation and giving the graphs room to breathe. Plus, we've relocated the server edit page to a dashboard tab for seamless access.

New Analyse Dashboard

Now, the edit page feels more manageable, even when packed with domain names, thanks to a fixed height and scroll bar. Oh, and we spruced up its appearance, too!

New Analyse Dashboard

Cutting-Edge SDK

We're thrilled to introduce the brand new SDK in Analyse v2.0, designed to revolutionise your Minecraft experience! This state-of-the-art SDK is not only easier to use but also offers a plethora of benefits for developers, empowering them to create exceptional in-game experiences.

The new SDK boasts seamless integration with the Analyse plugin and offers extended compatibility with different platforms. It's specifically crafted to enhance your server's capabilities, making it a breeze to..

  1. Create custom events
  2. Fetch player information
  3. Get leaderboards

And much more. You can get started with the SDK by adding the following dependency to your project:


If you're using Gradle, head to your build.gradle file and add the following to the repositories section like so:

repositories {

Then add the following to the dependencies section:

dependencies {
    compileOnly "net.analyse:sdk:2.0.1"


Otherwise if you're using Maven, head to your pom.xml file and add the following to the dependencies section like so:


Stay tuned for more information and tutorials on leveraging the full potential of this remarkable SDK in your projects, check out our full SDK Documentation to learn more. The future of Minecraft analytics has never been more exciting!

Plugin v2.0 Unleashed

We took a hard look at the old plugin and recognised the need for a complete overhaul. Months of unwavering dedication have led us to rebuild the plugin and API from scratch. The outcome? An immensely adaptable, platform-agnostic plugin and an SDK that's a breeze to use, packed with an array of benefits.

We would also like to extend our gratitude to the community members who contributed to the development of the v2.0 plugin, including Kyle Graham Matzen, whose contributions played a valuable role in shaping its success.

Exciting New Features

  • User-friendly and versatile
  • Bedrock support
  • Brand new events system (BETA)
  • Tebex integration (BETA)
  • Hosted on Maven Central for easy project integration
  • 16% performance boost
  • Module creation capabilities
  • In-game statistics access
  • Automatic config conversion from v1 to v2.0

Leaderboards Support

Get ready for a thrilling leaderboard experience with Analyse v2.0's integration with PlaceholderAPI! Effortlessly display leaderboards on your server without the need for managing MySQL databases or connections. Use the following placeholder to showcase players with the most gems, kills, and more:


This fantastic feature empowers server owners to concentrate on crafting an engaging gaming environment while the plugin takes care of the leaderboard excitement behind the scenes. Cheers to more fun and less hassle!

In-Game Statistics Screenshot

In-Game Statistics

Say hello to in-game server statistics! Get a live view of player count and see domains and countries of origin. Keep an eye out for the upcoming integration of existing dashboard stats into the game.

In-Game Statistics Screenshot

Customisable Events System (BETA)

Introducing the new events system! Track custom events on your server, from rare rewards to completed quests and player kills. Add metadata to each event and unleash your creativity. Server owners can create events using the command:

/analyse track <player> <meta>

Developers can also utilise the API for seamless integration. Check out the event documentation to learn more.

Bedrock Support Unveiled

We've heard your requests—Analyse v2.0 now supports Bedrock players! Track Bedrock players with our plugin, analyse your player-base breakdown, and discover domain names and countries of origin. With Bedrock support, server owners can now find what percentage of their demographic comes from Java or Bedrock, alongside tracking the country and domains Bedrock players come from—a feature that was previously unavailable.

Visit the Bedrock Support page for more details.

Bedrock Support Screenshot

Tebex Integration (BETA)

Rejoice! The highly anticipated integration with Tebex has arrived! Seamlessly link your Tebex store to Analyse and unlock the power to monitor your Return on Investment across each server list to find which list generates you the most revenue, all within the convenience of our comprehensive dashboard. Keeping track is a breeze with just a few easy steps:

  1. Copy the unique webhook URL from Analyse into Tebex
  2. Add your secret webhook key from Tebex into Analyse

Now you can witness the magic as revenue per server list and country is instantly tracked before your eyes. Explore our Tebex Integration section for more information on this.

Tebex Integration Screenshot

In conclusion, Analyse v2.0 is the ultimate Minecraft analytics tool. With a revamped dashboard, Bedrock support, in-game statistics, a powerful SDK, and exciting features like leaderboards and customisable events, Analyse offers unparalleled insights into your server's performance.

We hope you enjoy the new Analyse experience as much as we enjoyed creating it. We're always looking for ways to improve, so please don't hesitate to share your feedback with us. We can't wait to see what you create with Analyse v2.0!

~ Charlie J, Analyse Founder.

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