Plan Analytics Alternative

Why should you choose Tebex Analytics over Plan Analytics?

To begin with, Plan Analytics requires a port to be open on your server, you'll know that this becomes an issue if you use shared hosting - this is often an extra, which can cost money depending on the host. In addition, opening this port can open your server up to hackers if it isn't configured correctly.


When using Plan Analytics, you are required to ensure that you keep the plugin updated, otherwise you could be faced with security issues that could open up to exploits. Meanwhile Tebex Analytics manages this for you via a dashboard we host, and our plugin doesn't require any open ports in the process. You can focus more on growing your server, and less on worrying about other unsecure solutions.

Memory Intensive

Plan Analytics requires your valuable server memory to display and calcuate your Minecraft server analytics, this could ruin the performance of your players resulting in them leaving. Instead, Tebex Analytics does this on our own servers, with rapid database querying, and so our plugin is super lightweight.


Plan Analytics provides a ton of metrics, however only a small fraction of these are actually useful if you care about growing your Minecraft server. Instead, Tebex Analytics has provided a set of important metrics that have been tried and tested by large Minecraft servers, giving you a huge advantage to your Minecraft servers growth.

Complex to Configure

Plan Analytics is painful to configure, requires too many steps in addition to requiring open ports to function. This means constantly keeping it up-to-date, which focuses time away from growing your Minecraft server. Instead, Tebex Analytics requires none of this, simple to install, no ports, and little to no maintenance on your part - it just works! 🪄