If you've come here, you're probably wondering - why should I make my own Minecraft server? I could join someone elses, so, what's in it for me?

Minecraft servers are a massive part of what makes Minecraft, well.. Minecraft! They allow others to make friends, build a community and come together without playing by themselves. By building a server, it allows others to play the game in any way possible, which gives the Minecraft server owner with the opportunity to build it how they want. The core of Minecraft is creativity, whether it be building in creative mode, or lurking the Nether or End in survival mode.

Freedom to grow, on your rules!

One of the biggest perks of starting your own Minecraft server, is the ability to create your own rules, which tells others how it should be played. This gives you (the Minecraft server owner) the ability to configure permissions, abilities and everything else that you could imagine.

Minecraft has many great commands for administration, allowing you to remove anyone who is ruining the fun for others.

Being able to grow a community

One of the greatest perks of building your own Minecraft server, is being able to grow a community of others who want to play on your server. Whether it be just family and friends, or even the world wide web, the choice with owning a Minecraft server is completely yours.

There are plenty of fantastic communities such as AdminCraft on Reddit, where you can post your server for others to join and play. In addition, both YouTube and Twitch are great places to grow your Minecraft server.

A safe environment for kids

By being the owner of a Minecraft server, you'll be able to set-up filters, ban unsafe players and monitor a childrens activity on the server. This ensures that they are playing in a safe environment, whilst still allowing them to have fun on your Minecraft server.

Hosting a Minecraft server

You can set-up and configure your own Minecraft server in a matter of minutes, which can be done with shared hosting or going with a dedicated hosting solution. By going with any of these, you'll be able to install the Minecraft mods that you want, alongside configuring any options to make it your server.

What is shared hosting?

By going with shared hosting, your server will be run on the same computer as other Minecraft servers, except that you'll be allocated a certain amount of computer power. This option is perfect if you're just starting out, as it's much cheaper and allows you to launch your Minecraft server.

I'm personally a huge fan of NodeCraft, they're affordable and easy to set-up, a perfect option if you're just creating a Minecraft server.

What is dedicated hosting?

While shared hosting is perfect for small servers that are just launching, dedicated hosting provides you with an entire computer, meaning you're not sharing resources with any other servers. The benefit here is that you get all the power, which is perfect to ensure maximum performance.

The downside here is that it's often much more expensive, and requires you to have experience with managing servers - alongside dealing with any issues that need to be fixed on the machine.

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