Hey, I'm Charlie the founder and developer behind Analyse, the Minecraft server analytics platform for understanding and growing your community. Just over 4 months ago we launched Analyse, which completely blew up with hundreds of server admins turning to Analyse as their go-to solution for Minecraft server analytics.

After 4 weeks of endlessly rebuilding the dashboard, I am pleased to announce that we have officially launched version 2 of our dashboard. This is not only significantly quicker to load, but also comes with a fresh new design, new metrics and makes it even easier to get started.

So, what's changed?

New Dashboard

Previously our dashboard looked cluttered and hard to use and understand, statistics felt all over the place which made it hard to indicate how your server was performing. Now you'll be presented with a few cards providing your current statistics in addition to a selection of graphs and charts, you can change the metrics shown by selecting the tab that you wish to view.


After rewriting our analytics engine and migrating more than 70 million rows of data, our new dashboard is much faster and snappier to use.


When you first sign up for Analyse, you'll be taken through the steps to set-up and configure your Minecraft server. From the server name, to any domains alongside downloading the plugin to ensure you've configured it correctly. We're always looking out to ensure our customers have the easiest and simplest way to get started with understanding their Minecraft server.

It's that simple and now only takes less than 30 seconds to get running, no opening ports or messy configurations unlike our alternatives. We strive to make our dashboard as easy to use as possible, and we hope you'll enjoy using it.

What's next?

Our new dashboard lets you see how many players are currently on your server, and with our revamp we want to implement cool new features like A/B Testing, Top Commands and more. In addition, we will soon be enabling the ability to live view players on your server, so you can always keep the dashboard open.

Finally, thank you so much to each and every customer for using Analyse, this is only the start for our future plans. Onwards and upwards!

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