Getting StartedยปTracking Statistics

Getting Started

Tracking Statistics

Learn how to configure statistics with Analyse.

You can track any PlaceholderAPI statistic with Analyse to personalise your server analytics dashboard, for example tracking your custom currency to understand a players average balance.

Adding a Statistic

To add a domain to Analyse, head to your servers settings page, which can be done by:

  1. Going to our dashboard.
  2. Clicking Settings on the server you wish to add this to.

Then scroll down until you find the following section: Server Statistics Section

Clicking the Add button will provide the following menu: Add Server Statistic Section

Here you can enter the PlaceholderAPI statistic you wish to track such as player_balance. Once you've entered your statistic you can press Add and you're done, you can keep adding these for each individual statistic that you wish to track.

If you wish to display this data on your website or discord bot, check out the Web API section.