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PlaceholderAPI Stats

Learn how to track custom PlaceholderAPI statistics with Analyse.

When configuring Analyse you may want to also display custom analytics that are specific to your server, with Analyse you're able to easily do this with PlaceholderAPI.

Server-Side Configuration

Head to your Spigot servers plugin folder, which can be found at plugins/Analyse and opening up the config.yml file. Inside, you'll find a section similar to this:

enabled-stats:  - 'kills'  - 'deaths'

Here you can specify any valid player-based PlaceholderAPI statistic to track, by entering it into the config without the % symbols.

Dashboard Configuration

After you've added this to your plugin configuration file and ran /analyse reload, you'll need to head to our Tracked Statistics page to configure them on our dashboard. Only statistics that have been added in your config file and on our dashboard will be tracked.