IntegrationยปPlaceholderAPI Statistics


PlaceholderAPI Statistics

Discover how to track custom PlaceholderAPI statistics using Analyse.

With Analyse, you can easily display custom analytics specific to your server by integrating PlaceholderAPI.

Server-Side Configuration

First, navigate to your Spigot server's plugin folder located at plugins/Analyse and open the config.yml file. Inside, you'll find a section like this:

  # Enable or disable the plugin's hooks.
  # See for more information.
    enabled: true
      - 'enter_placeholder_here'

In this section, you can specify any player-based PlaceholderAPI statistic to track. Add the desired statistic by entering it into the config without the % symbols. Make sure it is a valid PlaceholderAPI statistic.

Dashboard Configuration

Once you've updated the plugin configuration file and executed /analyse reload, visit the Tracked Statistics page to configure the statistics on the Analyse dashboard. Only the statistics added to both your config file and the dashboard will be tracked.