Getting StartedยปInstallation

Getting Started


Discover how to install Analyse on your Spigot, BungeeCord, and Velocity Minecraft servers.

Installing Analyse for Minecraft analytics is simple and quick. To begin using Analyse you'll need to sign in or create an account.

Installing on a Single Server

If you're planning to set up Analyse on a standalone server, without the use of a proxy like BungeeCord or Velocity, you're in luck - the process is a breeze.

To kick things off, log into your Analyse account. Once you're in, head over to the 'Servers' section at the top and press 'Create Server'. This is your guided tour through setting up your server with Analyse.

First up on the tour, you'll name your server. It's like christening a ship - the name should be memorable, but don't worry about it being unique. It's your server, after all.

Next, you'll be asked if there are any specific domains you want to track. If there are, go ahead and list them. If not, no worries, just move along and the plugin will automatically add them when players join.

Your guided tour will then lead you to the treasure - the Spigot plugin download tailored for your server.

After downloading your shiny new plugin, here's how to put it to work:

  1. Relocate the bukkit-analyse-<version>.jar file into your server's plugins folder.
  2. Give your server a quick restart.

Once your server is back and raring to go, it's back to the Analyse dashboard. Here, you'll find a configure command waiting for you. Copy it, and voila! Your solo server journey with Analyse begins.

Installing on BungeeCord / Velocity

Are you looking to track domains on your network? If not, getting Analyse set up on your Spigot servers is all you need. It's as easy as pie. But if you do want to keep tabs on your domains, we've got you covered with our proxy plugin specifically designed for your BungeeCord or Velocity server.

If you're running a modern version of Paper (like 1.19 or newer), we've got some good news for you! The future is here, and it's automatic domain tracking. Just kick back, relax, and let Analyse do its thing - no need for a proxy plugin.

On the other hand, if you're not using Paper or are flying the BungeeCord flag, you'll need a little extra firepower. Head over to the 'Download' section of the dashboard to find the BungeeCord or Velocity plugin that's right for you.

Once you've got your hands on the right jar, here are the next steps:

  1. Move your analyse-bungeecord/velocity-<version>.jar into the cozy confines of your proxy's plugins folder.
  2. Give your proxy a swift restart.

Configuring Proxy Mode

After your proxy has rebooted, it's time to pop into the plugins/Analyse folder on each Spigot server. Here, you'll find a file named config.yml - open it up and you'll see something like this:

  # Use Proxy Mode
  # Enable this if you are running Analyse within a proxy such as BungeeCord, Velocity, etc.
  # This also requires you to download our proxy plugin. See for more information.
  proxy-mode: false

Simply flip that proxy-mode switch to true, restart your Spigot server and voila! You're done. Just sit back and let Analyse work its magic.