Getting StartedยปTracking Domains

Getting Started

Tracking Domains

Learn how to configure domains with Analyse.

Our Minecraft analytics make it easy to track what domains your players join from and only takes a few seconds.

Adding a Domain

To add a domain to Analyse, head to your servers settings page, which can be done by:

  1. Going to our dashboard.
  2. Clicking Settings on the server you wish to add this to.

Then scroll down until you find the following section: Server Domains Section

Clicking the Add button will provide the following menu: Add Server Domain Section

Here you can enter the server IP address you wish to track such as Once you've entered your domain you can press Submit and you're done, you can keep adding these for each individual domain that you wish to track.

Setting a Nickname

Often server owners will set an IP address for each website they list their Minecraft server on such as for CurseForge Servers. When looking back in the future it can often be confusing to know which website relates to this IP, which is why we added the ability to set a custom nickname.

To do this, you'll need to head back to your Server Domains section like so: Set Server Domain Nickname Section

Just press Edit Nickname to open a pop-up where you can set a new nickname for this domain such as CurseForge Servers. This only changes the visible name and doesn't change the domain itself.