MineTrends Alternative

Why should you choose Analyse over MineTrends?

Just a few reasons why Analyse is the go-to Minecraft server analytics solution.


Minetrends hasn't been updated since 2015, which has meant that it could close at any point, no updates are guaranteed. Why spend all that valuable relying on an old and outdated solution, when you could use the modern Minecraft server player count tracker.

Hard to use

Minetrends was built many years ago, and its current interface is very hard to use and manage, which makes it confusing to navigate and find the data that matters. Analyse provides this information using modern technology, and is quick and easy to find information at a glance.


Minetrends locks you into only viewing the last 30 days of data, requiring you to pay higher just to view a broader range. Analyse gives minute-by-minute data with the ability to view 3 months of data.

Limited features

Minetrends only has a limited amount of features on the base plan, meaning that you wouldn't be able to view in-depth player behaviour metrics like Analyse does.