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Analyse makes growing a Minecraft server easier, so you can stay focused on your server without the headache. Analyse takes less than 2 minutes to install.

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Easy to Use

Discover your players

With Analyse, you'll never have to guess which website or YouTuber your players came from. You can see what's working right now and make adjustments as needed.

You'll also be able to find out which country your players are coming from—and that makes planning events so much easier. Analyse is so easy to use, it's like magic!

Referrer Sessions
Country Sessions
United States 472
Canada 168
United Kingdom 81

In-Depth Analytics

Understand your growth

We know the most important thing about your server is that people keep coming back for more. That's why we've built a tool that lets you see who is joining, and how long they are staying.

With Analyse, you can track your players' activity all day, every day—so it's available when you need it most. You've got complete freedom.

Unique Players
Increased by 200%
200 from 100
Retention Rate
Increased by 300%
75% from 25%
Avg. Session Time
Increased by 600%
1h from 10m

Player profiles

Per-Player Analytics

With Analyse, you can view information on each player within your server to better understand how and when they play. Understand your moderators by facts, not broken promises.

Take it a step further by tracking custom events on your server and find the features that persuades players to donate on your server. Coming Soon!

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# Joined At Quit At
11st April 2022 (06:22 AM)1st April 2022 (10:10 AM)
23rd April 2022 (04:52 PM)3rd April 2022 (07:50 PM)
39th April 2022 (09:02 AM)9th April 2022 (12:30 PM)

Tebex Analytics - Coming Soon

Understand your Revenue

Don't you hate when your players take forever to donate? We know how frustrating it is, so we built Analyse to help you speed up the process and monetise quicker.

With Analyse you can see exactly how long it takes players to donate and much more.

Avg. Money Spent
Increased by 200%
$46 from $23
Conversion Rate
Increased by 500%
50% from 10%
Avg. Time to Purchase
Increased by 300%
2d from 6d

The go-to Minecraft Analytics Solution

Trusted by hundreds of Minecraft servers.

Our system has already been used by hundreds of Minecraft servers, with many outstanding reviews from fellow Minecraft server owners.

The Minecraft analytics and custom stats allows my team to focus on areas the community would like the most. Analyse will help ensure your servers success.




Analyse helps you learn just how well your Minecraft server is performing and how players are interacting. Knowing such crucial data helps you create a better gameplay experience.



Outstanding service, meeting all of our needs. The developer is responsive, fast, and diligent with providing immediate and thoughtful solutions to all troubled clients. Can’t wait to see what’s coming next.



Azalea Realms

Statistical research is essential when optimising your Minecraft server's retention rate and revenue. Analyse helps by tracking and presenting lots of valuable data in a simple and easy to understand way.



Lemon Cloud

A much needed service for Minecraft servers. It's very reliable [and] has allowed me to measure player retention and work on improving it. It has no performance drawbacks which is what puts it above other free options available elsewhere. Highly recommend.




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  • Custom Analytics

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  • Country Tracking

  • Domain Tracking

  • Player Tracking

  • Custom Analytics

Enterprise Plan

If your current Minecraft servers usage exceeds our Large plan's monthly quota, we would be happy to discuss a customised solution with you.