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View detailed insights into your servers performance and be one-step ahead of your competition.

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    Understand your Minecraft Audience.

    Complete in-depth player & server analytics that assist server owners in understanding where your Minecraft players come from and where they connect from most often.

    • Domain Tracking
    • Session Tracking

    Make Analytical Decisions

    Quickly understand when your Minecraft server is most popular, how many players stay and how long, and much more with player analytics.

    • Unique Players
    • Retention Rate
    • Peak Counts

    Custom Player Analytics.

    Take your Minecraft server to the next level by implementing your curated player analytics and filtering them as needed on the dashboard. You deserve a seamless and exceptional product; don't lose sleep over the small stuff; we have you covered!

    • PlaceholderAPI Support
    • Custom Stats (coming soon!)

    Ready, Set, Track.

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      Install our easy-to-use and seamless plugin to start the initial set-up of Analyse. It's that simple, start now!

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      Paste command from dashboard

      You will receive a command to execute on your Minecraft server in the dashboard; this will start the set-up of Analyse respective to your server's statistics!

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      Start tracking

      Now you can start tracking! Once the initial set-up is complete, it's smooth sailing from thereon. Track your analytics and use the insight to grow your Minecraft server!

    Focus on growth, not hackers.

    Your next huge server starts with Analyse - forget using clunky, bloated, and unsecure self-hosted solutions.

    High Session Cap

    Store up to 50,000 monthly sessions for a closer insight.

    Domain Tracking

    Add your own domain to find where players come from most.

    Session Tracking

    Find when your server is most popular and maximise your revenue.

    Unlimited Storage

    We don't ever delete your data unless you tell us to.

    Custom Stats

    Filter the dashboard with custom statistics. (coming soon)

    Share Analytics

    Create a public sharable link. (coming soon)

    All our features are available to all users




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    “Let’s face it, current solutions suck - they’re bloated, clunky, hard-to-use, and leave you prone to potential hackers.”

    “That’s why we built Analyse - to give server owners a solution that allows them to grow faster, gain incredibly useful insights and not worry about maintaining unsecure software.”

    Charlie Joseph, Founder at Analyse

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