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"I struggle to grow my Minecraft server, and I have no idea why."

Charlie Avatar

Hi! I'm Charlie, a developer and server owner who's been running Minecraft servers since 2014. Growing servers was hard, I had no idea where players came from or how long they stayed for. I tried a bunch of plugins but they all had the same issues such as..

  • Required opening ports
  • Resource intensive
  • Hard to use
  • Tracked useless features
  • Confusing installation
  • No Tebex integration
  • Charged you money

So, I built Analyse! Your new Minecraft server companion that the largest Minecraft servers use to grow. No more guessing where your players came from, packed with a gorgeous and blazing fast dashboard - powered by a world-class database infrastructure that companies like Uber, Samsung and Intel use. And it..

  • Has no ports needed (Stay secure!)
  • Lightweight and fast
  • Easy to use
  • Uses tried and tested analytics
  • 30 second installation
  • Officially integrated with Tebex
  • It's FREE!

We launched in February 2022 and have already had thousands of servers join us. We are the go-to solution to help server admins better understand and grow their Minecraft community.

Easy to Use

Discover your players

With Analyse, you'll never have to guess which website or YouTuber your players came from. You can see what's working right now and make adjustments as needed.

You'll also be able to find out which country your players are coming from—and that makes planning events so much easier. Analyse is so easy to use, it's like magic!

Players by CountryPlayers by Domain

In-Depth Analytics

Understand your community

We know the most important thing about your server is that people keep coming back for more. That's why we've built a tool that lets you see who is joining, and how long they are staying.

With Analyse, you can track your players' activity all day, every day—so it's available when you need it most. You've got complete freedom.

Online Player Count ChartPlayer Demographic Chart

Player profiles

Per-Player Analytics

With Analyse, you can view information on each player within your server to better understand how and when they play. Understand your moderators by facts, not broken promises.

Take it a step further by tracking custom events on your server and find the features that persuades players to donate on your server.

Siri's Avatar



#Joined AtQuit At
11st April 2023 (06:22 AM)1st April 2023 (10:10 AM)
23rd April 2023 (04:52 PM)3rd April 2023 (07:50 PM)
39th April 2023 (09:02 AM)9th April 2023 (12:30 PM)

Analyse is a must have tool for any Minecraft server owner. It helps you outline which elements of your server are performing better than others, as well as showing key indicators (average session time, etc), which allows you to prioritise important updates, and assist with your servers growth! Not to mention it has zero impact on your overall servers performance; it just works!


Developer API

Integrate with Analyse

We know how frustrating it is when your favourite plugin doesn't have database support, meaning you can't add those statistics to your website or Discord bot.

With Analyse, you can fetch any custom or PlaceholderAPI statistics and show them anywhere you'd like. Go further with our Leaderboard API to easily sort your statistics by highest first, no messy plugins or complicated databases setups needed.

Learn more about our Developer API →


  "player": {
    "name": "Siri",
    "uuid": "ed6daf33575b460ba2f3e208a1004c10",
    "created_at": "2022-07-07T11:52:03.000000Z",
    "first_joined_at": "2022-06-26T10:26:03.000000Z",
    "last_logged_in_at": "2022-07-04T05:25:03.000000Z",
    "total_session_time": 11940,
    "statistics": [
        "nickname": "Gems",
        "placeholder": "gems_balance",
        "value": 63
        "nickname": "Island Level",
        "placeholder": "is_level",
        "value": 289
Country RevenueDomain Revenue

Official Tebex Integration

Understand your Revenue

Are you struggling to understand what is bringing the most revenue to your server?

Analyse gives you clarity into which influencer and country is most effective on your server with our official Tebex integration. It's super easy to add and takes seconds, no clunky 3rd-party tools needed.

Learn more about adding Tebex Integration →

Never-Seen Before

Track your Ads & Influencers

Managing a server shouldn't feel like doing your homework, right? And you definitely don't want to be tossing money on ads that never work, hoping for growth. That's where Analyse's campaign system steps in.

Keep tabs on your daily spend, join rates, and bucks per join. Discover the top payment methods and packages your players are buying. It's always there, just a click away. Say goodbye to guesswork, and hello to growth with Analyse!

Players by CountryPlayers by Domain
Online Player Count Chart

Works with your favourite server software

It just works, so you can focus on growing your Minecraft server without the headache.

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The go-to Minecraft Analytics Solution

Trusted by the best Minecraft Servers.

Statistical research is essential when optimising your Minecraft server's retention rate and revenue. Analyse helps by tracking and presenting lots of valuable data in a simple and easy to understand way.

Lemon Cloud

Analyse helps you learn just how well your Minecraft server is performing and how players are interacting. Knowing such crucial data helps you create a better gameplay experience.


The Minecraft analytics and custom stats from Analyse allows my team to focus on areas the community would like the most. Analyse will help ensure your servers success.


Outstanding service, meeting all of our needs. The developer is responsive, fast, and diligent with providing immediate and thoughtful solutions to all troubled clients. Can’t wait to see what’s coming next.

Azalea Realms

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Minecraft Player Analytics?
Minecraft Player Analytics allow you to understand how many people are playing on your Minecraft server, how long they play for and how many are new and returning players.
Can I track Tebex revenue with Analyse?
You can! Our Minecraft analytics plugin allows you to track Tebex revenue and much more. It is also the official analytics plugin for Tebex.
How do I check my Minecraft server stats?
You can check your Minecraft server statistics using the Analyse Minecraft player analytics plugin. You can find a link to this within the server dashboard.
How do I see who is on a Minecraft server?
You can find out which Minecraft players are on your server by using our analytics plugin.
Why do I need Minecraft analytics?
Minecraft analytics are useful for understanding how many play on your server, how long they play for and much more. It is a great way to improve your Minecraft server by understanding your playerbase to gain insights.
How long does it take to setup Minecraft analytics?
You can setup your Minecraft server analytics within 30 seconds using our dashboard.
What server software do you support?
Our Minecraft analytics plugin is compatible with Spigot, Bukkit and Paper servers.
Do you support BungeeCord / Velocity Minecraft analytics?
We do! You will need to configure the plugin on your Spigot server, and then you can use our proxy plugin to track domains that players join from.